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Eco & Ego Car Comes With A Free Plant


This peculiar looking single occupancy vehicle is called the Eco & Ego. With a quirky name like that, you can expect a lot more wackiness inside.

The idea behind this “EE” car is pets, yes pets. Not a dog or cat, but a plant. The plant sits above the engine bay in clear sight of the driver. It’s hooked up to some futuristic electronics and can tell you how “polluted” you were that day. There’s also an extension to the idea in that you take your plant out every time you drive, sorta like walking your dog.

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Taiki Concept, the fourth concept car in the ‘Nagare’ series


This car has been released in 2007, Yup along time 🙂 , but still charming . Mazda decided to change their design strategy this year, That means discontinuing of the series “ Nagare” Which includes: Taiki, Ryuga, Furai, Hakaze

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Posted by on August 1, 2010 in Automotive Concepts


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