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BlackBerry Empathy


For their sponsored project held by RIM Blackberry at the Art Center College of Design, designers Kiki and Daniel had to incorporate an interface that integrates human emotions with the concept of social networking. The result of this exercise was the Empathy concept. The phone is used in conjunction with a biometrics ring that is worn by the user to collect “emotional data”. Spec-wise it features a transparent OLED screen that becomes transparent when not in use and opaque during interaction. The front is all touch surface, while on the back there is a physical keyboard.


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Posted by on December 5, 2010 in SmartPhones


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Transparent Mobile


The Second Life Mobile Phone Concept works on the premise that we often forget about the battery life of our mobile phones, hence run out of juice, just at the wrong time. As a remedy (rather power-saver-option) the phone incorporates a double display. When in active use the AMOLED screen powers up in all glory and in standby mode the E-ink display gets active. This essentially means that the E-ink uses very little energy and the degree of transparency of the display shows how much battery is remaining. The more transparent the display, the less battery remaining.


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Wrist Phone for Emergency


Given the volatile situation (political and natural) around most countries, I totally buy the idea of having an emergency phone around my space. Recent incidents of carnages and natural disasters imply that even a simple shopping, holiday or business trip can take an ugly turn instantaneously. This doesn’t mean that we stop traveling; it simply means we arm ourselves better. The Disposable Pre-Paid Phone could be that life-saving device, which could get you out of a sticky situation.

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Brand New Design for Droid

Today we’ve come up with a totally new design for our heath care robot “ Droid” ..Me? < Actually I’m lovin’ it .
Actually “ Droid” is the codename for the robot.

We’ve modified the features to match up the suggested price. I’ve skimmed out some of its sophisticated features.
Please, Visit  for updates !

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Posted by on August 21, 2010 in Technology


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Alienware Phone | Windows Phone 7

Need I say anything , Nop, at all . I’ve designed a Windows Phone “Alienware” , which make a big debate over the web. I’ve designed it in April 2010.released on 4 April 2010 . From that day . The showcase video of it on Youtube & Vimeo still catch daily visitors passing 22,000 visitors till now .

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Posted by on August 2, 2010 in Concepts, SmartPhones, Technology


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