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Healing on Air


Modern medicine is amazing. You can get basically anything in your body fixed, adjusted, twisted, broken, or completely restructured. But what about healing? That sucks. What if you could heal on air? Let’s take a look at this wonderful machine designer Sung Soo Chae of DESIGNNOON has made. It’s an air compression therapy system for hospitals, inflating the core of the the casts the system works with. Swelling and contracting for lovely massage.

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Designer C. Darius Delaunay-Driquert has dreamed up a more utopian society where amputees are not bound by the limitations of their handicap, but enhanced by them through bionic prosthetics. The “METIS” connects to the human nervous system and gives an amputee a full 360˚ range of motion, as well as access to virtual dimensions via integrated 3G and Wifi. Now before you jump to the any negative thoughts of how silly a WiFi enabled bionic arm may be, keep in mind that the designer is simply proposing we dream of next step enhancements to the handicapped, instead of simply playing catch up with our current body design.

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Talking With A Palm


The future iPhone is here or at least in conceptual form. Given that size, design and features need to be drastically innovated, the NOT A Phone – Next Generation iPhone, delves into the projection arena. So basically you strap the next-gen iPhone to your wrist and project the display to your palm. You can figure out rest of the drill from the images, so my question to you today is….are we in for projection screens for phones? Is that the future of phone display, have a basic small screen and project the rest of it?
Designer: Samuel Lee Kwon

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