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The Ultimate Website Launch Checklist



Content and Style

Typography and layout

Check for incorrect punctuation marks, particularly apostrophes, quotation marks and hyphens/dashes

Check headings for where you could potentially use ligatures

Check for widow/orphan terms in important paragraphs

Spelling and grammar


Capitalisation (especially of main headings)

Tense/Style of writing

Recurring/common phrases (e.g. ‘More about X’ links)

Variations in words (e.g. Websites vs Web Sites, or UK vs US spelling)

Treatment of bulleted lists (e.g. periods or commas at end of each item)

Check for hard-coded links to staging domain (i.e. ensure all links will change to ‘live’ URL/domain when site is launched)

Ensure no test content on site

Check how important pages (e.g. content items) print

For re-designs, ensure important old/existing URLs are redirected to relevant new URLs, if the URL scheme is changing

Check all ‘Hidden Copy’ (e.g. alt text, transcriptions, text in JavaScript functions)

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Hello world!

Welcome to my Blog , Here I’ll share  some of topics about : Technology,Automotive design,Web design, Development,Geeky Stuff ,Fun

You will Find what you want here ! … My news is Fresh !

Enjoy !

Sherif Mohsen Shalaby
“Physician, Conceptual Artist, Web Designer, Developer, Technical Editor”
– Nasr City, Cairo
-Cell Phone. +2019 34 74 927

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