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Refreshing the Firefox Search Bar


Firefox 4 will streamline and modernize the Web experience for our hundreds of millions of users. In addition to greatly improving performance, adding advanced graphics capabilities, and rethinking how people use tabs to organize their online lives, we have also been looking closely at the search options that we include in the search box, which appears to the right of the URL bar.

The current search options fall into three categories: general search, shopping, and reference.

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Glam Pack For Blood


The Sweet Donation Bag is an attempt to redesign the blood collection pouch. It features a sleeve with large cut-outs indicating the blood type (A, B, AB & O). The overall design is much more refined than the current bags in use and the packaging looks sturdy. If only the cut-outs would have indicated Type+ or Type- then I guess the impact would have been better. Slicker and tidier to look at; it won’t reduce the needle-prick pain!
Designer: Jihye Lee via Yanko Design

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Please Don’t Buy iPad !


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Mini Marketing Doing It Right


Mini has always had the most fun and creative marketing group.  Here is yet another example taking advantage of people standing around staring at an empty conveyor belt.  This would be the first time I would actually enjoy waiting for my luggage which is of course always the last one to come off the plane.   I can’t figure out why other brands have not taken some notes from Mini.  Oh wait, I know.  No other brand has a fun factor to it.

[pic via Cool Hunter]

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Woody Phone


The MINIMA is a classic example of how important form is in the design process. The adorable lattice style for keypads and the wood finish, relay a completely organic look. Specific attention to details like the camouflaged secondary display on the outer flip and bamboo look, make this an object of desire. It looks like a refined version of the Maple Phone, don’t you think?
Designer: Seung-Hyun Yoon

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The Next Stage of Online Video Evolution


At the end of August, the band Arcade Fire launched an online experiment with Google that allowed fans to build a personalized music video to accompany the new song "We Used to Wait." But the video was more than a normal video: it was a collection of video windows within the Web browser that provided, among other images, aerial and street-level footage of any address a user provided (via Google Maps).

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Mapping How the Brain Matures


Using a new way of analyzing brain-imaging data, scientists have mapped out how the complex networks of connections in the brain evolve as children age. The researchers are now using the technology to examine how brain development in children with specific disorders, such as autism, veers off the norm. Ultimately, researchers aim to use the technology to predict, for example, whether a child at risk for autism will actually develop the disorder, or what treatments might work best for that individual.

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