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Handwash with Just a Shot


It’s the future. Don’t kid yourself – even though there’s no flying cars or Sprocket dogs or anything, we’re in the future. Do you know what that means? That means we’ve gotta be basically saving what we’ve got left before we’re so far down in resources that it’s just silly. So what’s to be done? Let’s start right here with water. This is a project called “Misting”, a hand-washing station that uses no more than a shot glass of water per handwash.

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Eco & Ego Car Comes With A Free Plant


This peculiar looking single occupancy vehicle is called the Eco & Ego. With a quirky name like that, you can expect a lot more wackiness inside.

The idea behind this “EE” car is pets, yes pets. Not a dog or cat, but a plant. The plant sits above the engine bay in clear sight of the driver. It’s hooked up to some futuristic electronics and can tell you how “polluted” you were that day. There’s also an extension to the idea in that you take your plant out every time you drive, sorta like walking your dog.

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Flo2W : An Innovative Way In Regulating Oxygen Flow To The Patient


Flo2w has been designed as a new medical device to deliver oxygen to a patient. It is fitted on the patient’s head using the adjustable headpiece that doesn’t need to be disposed on weekly basis. Instead, the hospital can clean it using alcohol and reused it for other patient, reducing clinical waste. The tube carrying the oxygen can be easily clipped on and off.

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Alienware Phone | Windows Phone 7

Need I say anything , Nop, at all . I’ve designed a Windows Phone “Alienware” , which make a big debate over the web. I’ve designed it in April 2010.released on 4 April 2010 . From that day . The showcase video of it on Youtube & Vimeo still catch daily visitors passing 22,000 visitors till now .

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Posted by on August 2, 2010 in Concepts, SmartPhones, Technology


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