Sweet Gadgets to NOT die for…

13 Oct


Diabetics have it pretty rough. Aside from the constant life threatening condition, seriously restricted diets and painful monitoring of glucose levels in their blood, diabetics often have to suffer the indignity of carrying around some seriously ugly industrial design. Taking monitoring and treatment systems into his own hands, designer Sascha Morawetz has created this pair of Diabetic tools that should alleviate some of the pain and shame usually associated with this illness. The inhaler, dubbed “Ninos AS”, generates an insulin aerosol, replacing the common insulin pen. A special thread allows an exact adjustment of the insulin dose. Incorporating a bloodless glucose measurement system, the “Ninos GL” can also be used as a diary, useful for collecting statistics for optimizing therapy. Though the Ninos GL looks remarkably like a Sony-Ericsson mobile phone, next time your date offends you by “texting” at the dinner table, he or she just might be saving a life…their own.

Designer: Sascha Morawetz






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