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Lamborghini Electrified !

Lamborghini Mintotauro

Designer Andrei Avarvarii has a vision for a smooth, voluptuous Lamborghini, the very opposite of the very sharp, origami-style of the Lamborghini Reventon. The challenge in creating this new Lamborghini “Minotauro” lies in not only staying within the strong identity system of the Lambo line, but also in making the vehicle electric! The challenge of course isn’t creating an electric car. We’ve had electric cars for years now. Nay! The challenge lies in convincing the consumer that not only is it cool to drive an electric car, it’s doubly cool to drive an electric supercar!

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Designer C. Darius Delaunay-Driquert has dreamed up a more utopian society where amputees are not bound by the limitations of their handicap, but enhanced by them through bionic prosthetics. The “METIS” connects to the human nervous system and gives an amputee a full 360˚ range of motion, as well as access to virtual dimensions via integrated 3G and Wifi. Now before you jump to the any negative thoughts of how silly a WiFi enabled bionic arm may be, keep in mind that the designer is simply proposing we dream of next step enhancements to the handicapped, instead of simply playing catch up with our current body design.

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Microsoft’s 3-D Strategy


Microsoft has joined the wave of companies betting that 3-D is the next big thing for computing. At a recent talk at MIT, chief research and strategy officer Craig Mundie said he sees the technology as an innovation that "will get people out of treating a computer as a tool" and into treating the device as a natural extension of how they interact with the world around them. Microsoft plans to introduce consumers to the change through its gaming products, but Mundie outlined a vision that would eventually have people shopping and searching in 3-D as well.

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Are You a Happy CEO? Twitter’s Co-Founder Wasn’t


The blogosphere is buzzing this week with the news that Twitter CEO Evan Williams — a co-founder of the red-hot social-media company — is stepping down to "focus on product strategy." Company chief operating officer Dick Costolo moves up to the top slot.
Holy fail whale! What does it mean for the company’s future? Why would he give up his chief executive role, just when the company is really taking off?


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Sweet Gadgets to NOT die for…


Diabetics have it pretty rough. Aside from the constant life threatening condition, seriously restricted diets and painful monitoring of glucose levels in their blood, diabetics often have to suffer the indignity of carrying around some seriously ugly industrial design. Taking monitoring and treatment systems into his own hands, designer Sascha Morawetz has created this pair of Diabetic tools that should alleviate some of the pain and shame usually associated with this illness. The inhaler, dubbed “Ninos AS”, generates an insulin aerosol, replacing the common insulin pen. A special thread allows an exact adjustment of the insulin dose. Incorporating a bloodless glucose measurement system, the “Ninos GL” can also be used as a diary, useful for collecting statistics for optimizing therapy. Though the Ninos GL looks remarkably like a Sony-Ericsson mobile phone, next time your date offends you by “texting” at the dinner table, he or she just might be saving a life…their own.

Designer: Sascha Morawetz

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I Can’t get enough of Pranav




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Nissan Townpod Has Been Designed For Future Entrepreneurs


In the future, our working and living lifestyle will evolve with the opportunities afforded by the digital age. A new generation of entrepreneur will be born, these new professionals prefer to work for themselves from their own homes. The lines between business and social lives are no longer existed, so their transportation must follow.

Nissan Townpod combines casual and business in one stylish and futuristic vehicle. Townpod provides a simple platform for any kind of users, be they a musician with their kit, or an architect carrying drawings to a client, or an interior designer, this vehicle can adapt the interior according to the user’s needs.

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