Vista System " Comprehensive Health Care System "

01 Aug

It’s a system which deliver the best health care to any patient . I’ve invented that system one year ago, I’ve just unveiled some of ideas this week on 20th July 2010 .

The system is composed of:

– Robot called Droid
-Hospitals & local health care providers & Pharmacies connected via a network

Here are some of Droid Spec.

  • · Recording Camera
  • · Moves towards patient
  • · The inside computer recognizes family members & their history
  • · Record skin, eye manifestations, and change in body contour, weight, and edema
  • · Blood pressure, Heart rate, blood sugar, temperature
  • · Kinect like system interacts with patient
  • · Record patient Adherence to treatment
  • · Intuitive design
  • · Can connect to smart card & health care provider
  • · It monitors home rooms via GPS. You can call it from anywhere in Home by remote control to help you
  • · It knows which family member has commoner diseases & sticks beside him
  • · Patient Voice Recognition
    da Vinci Surgical system is included
    I will disclosure some of additional date later . I’ve enrolled in a competition to win Insha Allah !
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  1. Network camera

    August 9, 2010 at 10:38 am

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